The good and bad sides of visual effects in movies

effectsVisual effects have now become an important part of many movies and many individuals enjoy these special effects, as they add a whole new dimension to many films. These films also require special effects and would not be watchable if they did not have them. Films like ‘Gravity’ and ‘the Hobbit’ have both been nominated for visual effects oscars and it is therefore important to consider how good visual effects can be. However, sometimes visual effects can be over done and in this article we will take a look at the benefits of visual effects, as well as the negative aspects of the movie technique.


Visual effects have always been an important part of many films and have been developed from physical effects, such as costumes and props through to computer based effects. They are especially useful in science fiction films and in super natural films where it would be impossible to watch the film without these effects. Star Wars is one of the ground breaking films to use visual effects and is still one of best in terms of the visuals that it achieved. Many people point to The Star Wars series when considering their favourite film and this would not have been achievable without a heavy use of visual effects through out.

Negative aspects

Many films have had great special effects, but there are also many that have been made worse from the aweful visual effects that were added to the film. For instance, the film ‘The Mummy returns’ used special effects that led to a disaster of a movie. However, the film was still incredibly succesful. Another film known as ‘Robocop’ was also incredibly succesful and was released in 1987. However, the film has a scene that involves the star of the film falling off a roof and this can ruin the film for some, thanks to the fact that it is so fake and ridiculous in its look. It is important to create visual effects that look great, so that they can add to the overall feel of the film.

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